Community Services & Rules
Community & Important Contact Numbers   
Fire, Police, Emergency Personnel  9-1-1
Currituck County Sheriff (non-emergency) 252-232-2216
Pine Island Community Patrol 252-207-4903
North Pool 252-453-3904
Beach Club Pool 252-453-9024
Septic Emergencies 252-255-2030
Seaside Management 252-261-1200
Community Patrol
  • Pine Island has a Community Patrol for interior roads, trails, beach access walkways and other common areas.
  • Please feel free to contact Community Patrol if you have general questions concerning Pine Island.
  • To report a violation or voice a complaint, to get specific information about beach accesses, parking, overflow lot locations, to report Enviro-tech septic pumping station alarm and to report any maintenance or safety issues found in the community, please call our Community Patrol at 252-207-4903.
  • To learn more click on the link Community Patrol Responsibilities.pdf
Protect Our Dunes
  • Pine Island has a long-standing Dune Program to stabilize and protect our three miles of oceanfront dunes.  This is extremely important to the community and for the protection of our property.
  • We thank you for keeping off of the dunes at all times and for not disturbing sand fencing or plants along the dune line.
Trash and Recycling
  • All trash should be placed in the green or black wheeled containers provided under or next to the house.
  • All recyclables should be placed in the green with yellow lid wheeled containers stored in the same area.  These cans will list recyclable items, which should be rinsed before depositing.  Items may be mixed, or co-mingled in the cans, and should not be bagged.
  • All items should be completely in the cans, as items left outside of the cans will not be picked up.  See below for bulk trash procedures and pickup information.
  • Please do not roll trash cans to the street.  We'll take care of that for you.

Roll Out and Roll Back Service:

  • Pine Island offers a trash can roll out and roll back service for your convenience.
  • We will roll out the cans the night before, or in the early morning of, pickup days.
  • We will roll back the cans after pickup.
  • Please do not block access to the containers with vehicles or beach equipment.
  • Trash pickup is on Monday & Friday from May 1-Sept 30th and Mondays only in the off season.
  • Recycling pickup is on Monday & Friday May 1-Sept 30 and Mondays only in the off season.
Bulk Item Pick Up:
  • Bulk Pickup days are Mondays for the Pine Island Community.
  • Bulk Items must be called into Bay Disposal on Fridays before 3pm for the following Monday pick up.                
  • Items not considered bulk items are: batteries, tires, paint, gas cans, old propane tanks, used oil, any hazardous or Construction & Demo (C&D) materials. PLUS, ANY ITEM OVER 75LBS
  • C&D Material: such as lumber, sheet rock, tile, concrete, roofing, and siding shingles. An onsite dumpster is required for all C&D Material. C&D material may not be placed in rolling waste and recycle cans. C&D material placed in cans will not be dumped and will need to be removed by homeowner, contractor or rental company.
  • Yard Debris: Yard waste will need to be bagged, limbs must be in 6-foot lengths or less and bundled with twine (or other bundling material) and be in 75LBS or less bundles.
  • Refrigerators must be professionally red tagged stating that all Freon is drained.
  • Call Bay Disposal at 252-491-5105 to schedule a pickup or with any questionable items before placing curbside.
  • Waste Can Purchasing: Contact Bay Disposal for ordering new waste and recycle cans for your property. Currituck County rules state one waste can for every two bedrooms. 10-bedroom house would require five waste cans onsite. If any odd number of bedrooms round up for the can count required per county guidelines.
  • Recycle Can Purchasing: Contact Bay Disposal for ordering new recycle cans. Every house must have one recycle can but if more recycle cans are required onsite to manage the amount of recyclable material produced by a larger rental house, 1-3 recycle cans may need to be purchased from Bay Disposal.
  • For more information please visit the Currituck County Website:

Pool Rules
  • Pine Island's two outdoor pools are open from mid-May to late September, weather permitting.
  • Pets are not permitted in the pools, or the pool areas, per health department regulations.
  • Snacks and beverages are available in the concession area at both pools. Please do not bring any glass bottles to the pools.
  • As lifeguards are NOT on duty, swimming is always at your own risk.
Outdoor Tennis Rules at North Pool Court
  • Pine Island’s single community outdoor tennis court is located next to the North Pool swimming facility down Beach Access 3 just off North Cove Road.  There is no charge for the use of this court.
  • In season reservations are required by calling 252.453.3904.
  • Owners/renters may reserve the court for same day or next day play.
  • Court time is limited to one hour per day per house.
  • Reservations for the North Pool tennis court are highly suggested due to peak season demand.  In-season hours are 9am to 8pm daily. Off-season open play is from October-Memorial Day.
  • In addition, there are three indoor courts at the Pine Island Tennis and Fitness Center.  There is a fee for these courts, and reservations can be made by calling the Tennis and Fitness Center at 252.453.8525. 
Parking & Golf Carts
  • Parking is permitted only upon the paved parking area of each home. 
  • Parking on the streets is not permitted, so as not to hinder access by emergency vehicles. 
  • Please make note of your street address in the event that you need to call for emergency assistance. 
  • Pine Island allows the use of street legal licensed golf carts for use on community streets only.  
  • These golf carts are not allowed to be driven on community pathways and accesses. 
  • The golf carts can only be driven by a licensed driver.  
  • No parking on the sides of the roads and beach accesses.  Park carts only in paved areas at each home & community parking lots. 
  • All Golf Carts must follow all posted community street signs & rules. 
  • Motor homes/Trailers/Campers/Boats are prohibited in Pine Island. Please contact your rental company. 
  • As a courtesy, please remember to clean up after your pet. 
  • Do not bury pet waste in the sand or throw it in the ocean. 
  • Dogs are allowed on the beach year-round as long as they are restrained by a leash. 
  • Keep your dogs under your control at all times. 
Utility Information
  • Dominion NC Power:  866-366-4357 

  • Currituck County Water Department:  252-232-2769 

  • Charter Spectrum Cable & Internet:  877-906-9121 

  • DIRECTV:  800-531-5000 

  • CenturyLink Telephone & Internet:  877-837-5738

  • Atlantic Sewage Control: 252-255-2030

  • Bay Disposal (Trash/Recycle):  252-491-5105

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