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Proposed Corolla Fire Service District
April 27, 2017


The Corolla Civic Association requested that the following important information be shared with all homeowners.  The purpose of the Corolla Civic Association (CCA) is to promote the interests and welfare of the Currituck Outer Banks from Dare County to the Virginia state line by providing information and to be the voice of conscience of the community, based on member input.  Membership is only $10 per year and is open to all.  If you want to keep up on what's up in Corolla,

Corolla Civic Association (CCA) has been working with Corolla Fire & Rescue Squad (CFRS) to develop a plan to get the word out on the need to form a fire service district covering Corolla.  CCA is in full support of this effort and will also be sending out these materials to its membership via an e-mail to its listserv and social media. 
After going through an extensive strategic planning exercise, Corolla Fire & Rescue Squad (CFRS) has determined that it has reached a crossroads in its ability to meet the fire and safety requirements of our community.   As the number of fire calls in Corolla has been steadily growing at an exponential pace, the number of members in our all-volunteer force is decreasing as replacement volunteers have not kept up with retirements.   CFRS’s call volume, now over 400 per year, is expected to top 500 calls by 2022 as development (much of which is high density) increases.  
Additionally, you should note that homeowner insurance rates are partially dependent on what is known as an ISO rating reflecting the capabilities of local fire protection.  If, for example, the number of volunteer firefighters falls below 28, the ISO rating would drop from the current level of 6 to a level of 9.  This would result in annual insurance premium increases in the hundreds of dollars.
We believe that the only prudent course is to hire paid professional firefighters to supplement the volunteer force, similar to the fire departments in Dare County OBX.  To fund a combined department, we need the Currituck County Board of Commissioners (BOC) to create a Fire Service District.
In CFRS’s judgement, we would need two professional firefighters at each of the Whalehead and Pine Island Fire Stations on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year.  This would require an annual tax of $.04 per $100 of assessed property value, which translates into $180 per year for a home assessed at $400,000 -- likely less than the insurance premium increases attributable to a drop in the ISO rating.  Note also that grant funding under FEMA’s SAFER program is being pursued and we are also exploring the availability of Occupancy Taxes to pay a part of the cost.  These would lower the tax impact.
North Carolina law requires that the BOC make a number of findings prior to approving creation of a fire service district.  A key finding is that there is ‘demonstrable demand’ for the service from the property owners in the proposed district.  This is where we need your help.  While CFR is reaching out to all property owners in Corolla by mail, we would like your support in reaching out to your friends and neighbors.  
We are asking you to share these educational materials and endorse the effort. The letter CFRS is mailing as well as the FAQ’s can be found here:

There may be additional educational pieces down the road.  An opportunity to present at your Homeowners or Group's Meeting would also be welcomed.  Thus far, everyone in the community we have spoken with has been supportive of this initiative and we expect that the majority of your owners would also see the need and benefit of establishing a fire service district.

If you have any questions, please contact CFRS.

Barbara Marzetti, President
Corolla Civic Association



New Fitness Center Use Program Announced

March 29, 2017

The Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center Committee has recommended to the Board of Directors to begin a new program for 2017. The Board has approved the program, which will allow two (2) designated owners from each Pine Island property to use the fitness center at no charge. These names will be kept on file at the Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center.

 How do I sign up?

If you would like to sign up for this program, please visit the Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center and speak to the onsite staff to designate who from your home will be given free access to the fitness center. Registration will not be accepted over the phone. This program is free for two (2) designated owners or immediate family members (husband, wife, or children) of owners only and is not transferrable. ID may be required upon check in.

 How does the program work? 

The Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center staff will be given a list of owner names, property addresses and lot numbers. Each time a designated user comes in to use the fitness center, they will sign in with the front desk. The staff will keep detailed records of how often owners/users visit and how many homes took advantage of this program.

 This information will be used to shape future programs and establish a better benchmark on the usership of the facilities.

 Do I still get a discount on court time?

Owners will continue to receive a 50% discount on indoor and outdoor tennis court reservations.

 We are very pleased to be able to offer this additional benefit to our owners.

Town of Duck Beach Nourishment Presentation

February 20, 2017

As you may know, Duck, Kitty Hawk, and Kill Devil Hills are participating in beach nourishment this spring and summer. As part of their educational outreach, the Town of Duck has made the presentation given at their Town Council retreat available online.

Please see the original message and links to the presentation below:


I am sure that you are all aware of the Beach Nourishment project that will be under way late this spring into the summer. On Wednesday, the contractors came to the Town Council Retreat with an updated presentation followed by a question and answer session. I wanted to make you all aware that that video of that presentation has been uploaded to the Town’s website and You Tube Channel. Please feel free to view it and share with your clients.

Town of Duck website:



Currituck County Dune Vegetation Cost Share Program

January 20, 2017

Currituck County is offering its annual Dune Vegetation Cost Sharing Program to homeowners. PIPOA, through its Dune Program, plants American Beach Grass every year, so the association will not be participating in this homeowner-based program. This program is in place to supplement your dune coverage over and above what Pine Island Property Owners Association provides. If you are interested in taking part in this program, you may find more information and the application below.

Pay Your Assessment Online


December 27, 2016

Invoices for the 2017 annual assessment and dune assessment were mailed in early December, and are due by January 1, 2017. If you did not receive your invoice, please contact for a replacement and to confirm that Seaside Management has your correct mailing address and contact information.

To pay online, follow the directions here.  Follow instructions to "pay by e-check, one time payment" or "pay by credit card". You will need the Management ID (6785), the Association ID (PIN) and your Account Number (five-digit account number is printed on the invoice).  Thank you for your timely payment.

Annual Meeting Election Results‚Äč
October 26, 2016 

Thank you to all owners that participated in the rescheduled annual meeting last night, either by submitting a proxy, attending in person or dialing in to the teleconference.  A quorum was established with 149 properties represented (4 properties represented in person at The Hampton Inn,  43 represented by teleconference and 102 represented by proxy).  Interestingly, this is very similar to the number of properties represented in person in previous years.  

2016:  47 represented in person/teleconference

2015:  40 represented in person

2014:  45 represented in person 

The board is pleased that the level of participation remained the same, even with the unanticipated need to reschedule due to Hurricane Matthew.  We appreciate your flexibility for the rescheduled meeting date and format, which allowed for presentations, dialogue and questions in an open format. Additional questions, as always, may be submitted any time by contacting any board member or Seaside Management.

The voting was tallied and verified today by a representative of the certified public accounting firm of Johnson, Burgess, Mizelle and Straub, LLP.  The following three nominees were elected for three year terms:

  • Diane Watkinson
  • Roger Mackey
  • Dick Hinson

At their next meeting, the board will elect officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). 

 Many thanks to all five candidates for their nominations and their desire to serve the community.

 Owners wishing to independently review the voting tally may do so by scheduling an appointment to meet at the Seaside Management office.

 Thank you, once again, for your participation and we look forward to a productive 2017.  


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